Monday, March 11, 2013

Thesis Statement

Tuesday,22nd January 2013

        Today , Miss Zu want us to present our thesis statement.Actually,i know about how to do a thesis statement  but i was confuse with the thesis statement that was shown in textbooks also slides.This time,i must do a thesis statement because last week,Asnawi was make an introduction.During the presentation,i was forgot to bring pendrive,then Asnawi was show the moody face to me and blame it on me.Then,i was ask Miss Zu to go to college to take pendrive.I think this is a crazy ! When i arrived the class,i am feel so tired and feel want to cry :'( Then,after Asnawi check the thesis statement,Anawi was scold me because i was wrong in doing the thesis statement.It is my fault and i accept if Asnawi want blame on me.After discuss with Asnawi,we explain about it to Miss Zu.She said it is not just my fault becuase we are pair group.So,we must doing the work together.Then , Miss Zu asked to show our thesis statement on the next day.Alhamdulillah,we got a second chance.But i still angry and feel very sad to myself . :'(

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