Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Done with thesis statement

Wednesday,30th January 2013

Assalamualaikum..Today our class at Cll 2 ..Miss Zu asked Asnawi and I to present our thesis statement again.When i done presenting our thesis statement,then Miss Zu said " what mistake that you can see at their thesis statement?".Then all classmates just be silent and said does not know.Miss Zu became angry because all students be passive person.hahaha.After that,Miss Zu asked them the same question for the second time.Then , they become a response person and answer the question.Miss Zu asked Asnawi and I to correct our sentences and finally,Miss Zu was accepted our thesis statement.After that,Miss Zu was checked our introduction but Asnawi and I still not have an introduction because we just done our thesis statement.So,Miss Zu just checked the other group introduction.The class end at 6pm.


Monday,28th January 2013


Wednesday,23rd January 2013

Peace be upon to you :)
Today our class at PTDI1 (Perpustakaan Tun Dr Ismail 1).Actually,Miss Zu asked we to came the class even she has a event and cannot enter the class today.She said if we did not came to class,we will failed this Bel 311 ! hahaha. So,Miss Zu asked we to do our thesis statement which sitting in group such as argumentative essay,cause and effect essay and the others.

Cause and Effect essay group :
-Asnawi and Asyraf
-Rozita and Bella
-Tirah and Ana

We was discuss about the thesis statement,change our suggestions,find the materials,and so on.We continued    doing the discussion until 6pm. =P

Monday, March 11, 2013

Thesis Statement

Tuesday,22nd January 2013

        Today , Miss Zu want us to present our thesis statement.Actually,i know about how to do a thesis statement  but i was confuse with the thesis statement that was shown in textbooks also slides.This time,i must do a thesis statement because last week,Asnawi was make an introduction.During the presentation,i was forgot to bring pendrive,then Asnawi was show the moody face to me and blame it on me.Then,i was ask Miss Zu to go to college to take pendrive.I think this is a crazy ! When i arrived the class,i am feel so tired and feel want to cry :'( Then,after Asnawi check the thesis statement,Anawi was scold me because i was wrong in doing the thesis statement.It is my fault and i accept if Asnawi want blame on me.After discuss with Asnawi,we explain about it to Miss Zu.She said it is not just my fault becuase we are pair group.So,we must doing the work together.Then , Miss Zu asked to show our thesis statement on the next day.Alhamdulillah,we got a second chance.But i still angry and feel very sad to myself . :'(


Monday,21st January 2013

huahuahua ! :D


16th January 2013

ASSALAMUALAIKUM :p ..Today our lesson is about types of introduction which is types of hooks.Asnawi and i are sitting together because we must understand it to make our hooks later.hahaha.During Miss Zu explained it,Asnawi and I just make a blurring face while we scratch our head.hahaha.It is because we cannot understand about it.It is very complicated and we does not learn it before this.So,it will take many times to understand and use it in our hooks.But nevermind,we will try the best !

This is the type of hooks :

1. Personal examples
2. Quotations
3. Facts or statistics
4. Rhetorical questions
5. Current events
6. Contrast to the thesis statement
7. Definition
8. Funnel / Broad to specific / general statements
The function of the hooks is to attract the readers to continue read our writing.If we put the best hooks in our introduction and it is suitable with our introduction,it will make the readers feel interesting when read our writing.So,we must choose the best hooks and just combine with our introduction.You will know the effects to your essay :p 

Debate At Dewan Sri Peria

Monday,14th January 2013

hyeeeee alls ~ :) Assalamualaikum,Alhamdulillah my left eyes was seen more better than last week.So,our class today at Dewan Sri Peria.huaaaaaa !! so far away :'( .Today ,our activities is debate.I was feel so scary because i cannot speaking in english better.So,our group is gaovrment and the panel is Sarah,Bella,Diba,Ezani,Faiz Adha and me.Our topic is :

"Is it consider cheating when your partner (girlfriend/ boyfriend/ husband/ wife) was checking on other beautiful girls/ boys/ men / women on facebook like poking, liking and etc."  

Miss zu was give us about ten minutes to discuss and find any materials in Google web.We feel very hard to find materials because this topic is very hard.Furthermore,the time is about ten minutes,so we feel very tension especially me.It is because,only me that does not have the points and still find it.Finally,i was got the points and we will started the debate now ! Our groups seems like does not have any points to defeat the other group.hahaha.But we was tried our best and just make a some funny during the debate.Then our group is done and we feel very not satisfied but try to enjoy it ! hahaha :D  There are some points :

  1. Can develop loving 
  2. When the partner is busy on checking on facebook , the have pay less attention to his/her partner . 
  3. Divorce - to the someone that have sensitive feeling it will make the couple / marriage go into divorce
  4. Broken relationship