Monday, March 11, 2013

Debate At Dewan Sri Peria

Monday,14th January 2013

hyeeeee alls ~ :) Assalamualaikum,Alhamdulillah my left eyes was seen more better than last week.So,our class today at Dewan Sri Peria.huaaaaaa !! so far away :'( .Today ,our activities is debate.I was feel so scary because i cannot speaking in english better.So,our group is gaovrment and the panel is Sarah,Bella,Diba,Ezani,Faiz Adha and me.Our topic is :

"Is it consider cheating when your partner (girlfriend/ boyfriend/ husband/ wife) was checking on other beautiful girls/ boys/ men / women on facebook like poking, liking and etc."  

Miss zu was give us about ten minutes to discuss and find any materials in Google web.We feel very hard to find materials because this topic is very hard.Furthermore,the time is about ten minutes,so we feel very tension especially me.It is because,only me that does not have the points and still find it.Finally,i was got the points and we will started the debate now ! Our groups seems like does not have any points to defeat the other group.hahaha.But we was tried our best and just make a some funny during the debate.Then our group is done and we feel very not satisfied but try to enjoy it ! hahaha :D  There are some points :

  1. Can develop loving 
  2. When the partner is busy on checking on facebook , the have pay less attention to his/her partner . 
  3. Divorce - to the someone that have sensitive feeling it will make the couple / marriage go into divorce
  4. Broken relationship

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