Monday, March 11, 2013

Term Paper

 Tuesday, 15th January 2013

Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahhiwabarakatu to all my lovely classmates :D
    Today i want to tell you about assignment that Miss Zu was gave to us that is find an easy topics to make an essay writing.So,Miss Zu was asked to choose our own partners and i was choose Asnawi as my partner.

This is our picture, the orange one is Nawi and the stripe one is me.haha.Just for laughs maybe :p.So,we are partner.I was discuss with Nawi about what topic that we want to take.Nawi said he have one topic that popular in Malaysia right now that is Lynas.For the first time,i does not know anything about the Lynas and i just make a bluring face like this -,-'.hahaha.After Nawi explain about Lynas to me and do some reseaches together, then i was know about the Lynas.So,we was agreed to choose the Lynas as our topic.That is our topic :

        After Asnawi and i agreed to choose this opic,so we must find the broud topic,narrowed topic and focussed topic.Then,we was choose the cause and effect essay as our essay.Next step we all must present our topic to Miss Zu and all the classmates.Anawi and i feel very scary to show it because i guess many people do not know about the Lynas.But we still continued the presentation.HAHAHA.In the end of the presentation,Miss Zu was rejected out topic because we do not have many material to show the positive effect about the Lynas.So,Miss Zu asked we to find many more materials.During the prsentation,Miss Zu just make the shocked face to us.HAHAHAHA :D
       After that,Asnawi and I continued to find any more materials for strengthen our topic.Actually,sometimes i also feel very hard to understand this Lynas.It is because it does not have many evidence or proof that show it will bring postitive effect to us.But Asnawi and I was find the materials and finally we was got the materials that show the positive effects of Lynas.
      On the next presentation,Miss zu just want to see our materials,no need to present it again.After Miss Zu saw and read the materials,she was approved our topic and asked we to gave our topic to Athirah. ! hahaha FINALLY,Miss Zu was approved our topic adn Asnawi and i feel very happy because our efforts are success ! hahahahaha praise to Allah :)


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