Monday, March 11, 2013


16th January 2013

ASSALAMUALAIKUM :p ..Today our lesson is about types of introduction which is types of hooks.Asnawi and i are sitting together because we must understand it to make our hooks later.hahaha.During Miss Zu explained it,Asnawi and I just make a blurring face while we scratch our head.hahaha.It is because we cannot understand about it.It is very complicated and we does not learn it before this.So,it will take many times to understand and use it in our hooks.But nevermind,we will try the best !

This is the type of hooks :

1. Personal examples
2. Quotations
3. Facts or statistics
4. Rhetorical questions
5. Current events
6. Contrast to the thesis statement
7. Definition
8. Funnel / Broad to specific / general statements
The function of the hooks is to attract the readers to continue read our writing.If we put the best hooks in our introduction and it is suitable with our introduction,it will make the readers feel interesting when read our writing.So,we must choose the best hooks and just combine with our introduction.You will know the effects to your essay :p 

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