Sunday, December 16, 2012

First Class

Monday , 3rd december 2012

yeahh,it is my new Bel that is Bel 311.When my friends and i came into a Dewan Sri Peria,we thougths that
the lecturer was start the lectures,but it not be like that,the lecturer still not coming.Fuhh, about 10 minutes, the lecturer came into the hall, omg , the lecturer is so cute.hahaha.Suddenly,i became more energetic,and feel very sincere to study bell.haha.Then,i thoughts she will introduce herself,but it is not.She asked about our   last semester bel and gave some introduction about bel 311 for this semester.During the introduction,we just keep quite when the lecturer ask about something.Then the lecturer asked about our last semester pointer,and we also just keep quit and she said ' why are you so quite,because the pointer was so so ' ? haha,then we laughing together.In the middle,she was introduced herself and her name is Miss Zuraidah bt Sumery,and just call Miss Zu.My heart was said, 'what the beautiful name just now '.haha.After that,she was explain about requirement for the class such as portfolio or file,our own blog and english - english dictionary.When i heard that we must have our own blog, my heart said ' what? i never think that im going to create a blog because it must be always update and im really not happy with that ' . But , i must sincere to study.Than,when she looks we  were too passives,she asked to stand up and make one sentences.When my turn, i said ' i feel so cold' hahaha.After that, Miss Zu asked we to go to the back hall, and make two circle.Then we must look face to face with the others.When Miss Zu said start,we must speak anything to our partners.When she said stop we must change our partners and do the same thing.I feel very happy by doing like that because it can make our relationship become close with the,the first class just be like that :)

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