Sunday, December 16, 2012

Second class

Tuesday,4th December 2012

Today is tuesday,also our second bel 311 class.Today, my class at block U, 214.So,today Miss Zu talked about handout that she gave to us as a lesson.Based on the handout,the total for on-going assessment is 60%  that contain 30%  for written assignment,20%  for group discussion and 10%  for an online assignments.She also talk about written assignments which must do in three part , that are outline for 5 marks, draft for 10 marks and 15 marks for final paper.After that , she asked we about what type of writing and someone said ' argumentative essays and non-linear essays'.haha.Actually, in this semester, we will learn five type of writing that are argumentative,cause and effects,compare and contrast,discussions and problem solve evolusion on this semester.Wow ! i think this semester i will focuses at Bel 311 also.haha.Than,Miss Zu asked us to make a pair group and present about our partner biodata and four facts about our partner which one of the facts is not true.This task must be present tomorrow.I think,it gonna be a funny task.So,the class end today.

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