Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fourth class

Monday,10th December 2012

So,as we know,today we must do a last week task that is introducin our partner.Bariah is my partner,i feel very shy to work with her because i am not a handsome guys,haha,but i have to ! When Miss Zu entering the hall, i was feel very scary because i does not discuss with Bariah.Than,miss zu asked to start the presentation.The first pair is Nawi and Nadia.So,after the pairs done,Miss Zu asked the pairs to choose any pairs to make a next presentation.Suddenly,Nawi was choose Bariah and I to do a next presentation.OMG,i really feel very not satisfied with Nawi,arghh ! So, Bariah and I came out to infront the hall and start the presentation using a microphone.haha.I explain about Bariah first and then Bariah explain about me.The four facts about Bariah are she like to go to shopping,she like study at room,she love her cats and the uncorrect facts is she like a messy man.hahaha.Then,the four facts about me are i can cook a tomyam,i does not like to comb my hair,very hard to sleep at night and the false facts about me is i love cats.haha.Actually , i does not like a cat because i am not  a pet lovers.Then,after Bariah and I done,the other students to guess which are the false facts.haha.It is the nice game i ever do.After my turn , Bariah was choose Sarah and her pairs to do a next presentation and they repeat all the same things after that.At 3.30p.m., Miss Zu said stop and the other pairs will be continue tomorrow.Conclusion,i was knew about some my friend facts that i did not know.I really appreciates this game.Thanks to Miss Zu.:)

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