Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fifth class

Tuesday , 11th December 2012

Today is the fourth day in the bel 311 class.First,we continue our yesterday presentation that is introduce our partner.The first pairs are Atikah and Wasim.haha.Wasim looks happy partner with Atikah.I think,Wasim have a special feeling towards her.haha.No,im just kidding :) Then , the second pair are Atikah Kardi and Faiz that is our new classrap.During the introducing,i am always laughing because the pairs make a joke.hahahaha.Actually,the Faiz pairs are the last pairs , so , we are done ! alhamdulillah.. Suddenly, miss zu asked us to make one more activity , that is call 'THAT SHOCKING' . hurmm,, i guess the introducing friends is the last activity but it is not.That Shocking means , we must type 4 facts about ourself that can make people feel very shock.So,i wrote the four facts about me that is i love to bite my own pillow,i have burn the advertisement of Tadika Kemas,i always pee in my pants and i had kick one cat because i does not like cat.Then,after we done wrote a facts about us,miss zu was asked to build an aeroplane using the paper that have a facts.What ? i am shocking right now because i can not remember how to build an aeroplane using a paper, but i keep try. Then,after we done,miss zu asked we to stand up and passing the rocket with anothers,hahaha but my aeroplane was not fly.hahaha.Then,we must take others aeroplane,not ourself aeroplane.I was take a Hakimah aeroplane.I can guess her because i know her type of writing.After that,miss zu asked to read infront the class about the aeroplane that we got.First unlucky person is Cik Faa.hahaha.Cik Faa was got a Syafiqah areoplane that contains 4 facts about her.We feel very shocking and laughing together until the end.We also must guess the owner of the aeroplane.We feel very funny and happy.Then,today class is done ! 

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