Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sixth class

Wednesday,12th December 2012

wowowowow ! Today is the best date that is 12.12.12.I feel very happy today.haha.So,today,the bel class was at Cll 2 ( Seri Laksamana ).We feel very happy because it is a computer lab. Miss zu asked us to create a blog.Yeahh,for the begin,we feel very excited to create blog,suddenly,we feel very hard to create blog because it is a first time we using a blog.So, we can not understand the blog such as how to follow someone,how to appy the themes and so on.After we are done creating a blog,miss zu asked we to foolow all the classmates.hahaha.This  is the best part because majority of my classmate does not know how to follow the others.I was asked Sarra and Nina to helps me.haha.Thanks to them :) After we done about the blog, Miss zu asked us to make a pairs,which Nawi and i are the pairs.Miss zu was asked to find a Hot Isues and find the benefit or what.The task must be show to miss zu by next week.Arhh,too many works to do right now.hahaha.Then,the class end.

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