Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My opinion about blogging

Wednesday, 12th December 2012

My opinion about blogging.First,blogging can be use to express our feeling.We can share our anger,happy and so on.Furthermore,we all have our own followers and followings,so,they can know how we feel and can advice us if we have a problem.Second,blogging also can release tension.Mean,when we are tension,we can see the others followers blog and apart from that, we can feel what are they feel.So,we can release ur tension.Third,we also can be creative after we use the blog.It is because,we must decorate our blog to seems beautiful.So,it teach us to be a smart person.Lastly,blogging also can make us be an independent person.For example,blogging give the people to create and publish their post,decide what to write about,lead their own research and so on.Conclusion,blogging is the health activity that must be try to all people ! :)

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