Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seventh class

Monday, 17th December 2012

Assalamualaikum my are guys ? khaifa khaluka? heeee :)..Today is my birthdayy !! Im 19 years old now.Alhamdulillah.So,at 2p.m. my friends and i went to Dewan Sri Peria.This is three week already.haha.When we arived the hall,Miss Zu already start her lectures.I feel very shy towards her because i was already came late.Nevermind,today Miss Zu was complained about our grammar in blog.haha.Then,Miss Zu,teachs the tense such as past tense,future tense and so on.The same thing,and the same mistake.urghhh.I feel so sleepy during the lectures.It is all about mindset.haha.Mida,Nawi,Salihin and I was sleepy and our eyes looks a like a ghost.hahaha.But,we still heard the lectures.Miss Zu give some examples to do a correct words with a correct grammar.I feel,Miss Zu is the best bel lecturers i ever have.hehe.Than,in the middle,Miss Zu was asked a few questions at a few of us including me.haha.I feel so shock when Miss Zu asked me because i was too sleepy and blurring is my respond.haha.At 4p.m. ,  the class end ! :)

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