Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Wednesday, 2nd January 2013

Today are the second day in 2013.So,today our class at Sri Laksamana (Cll 2).Before we start our lesson today,Miss Zu asked we to check whether our online quiz able to do or not.After that,it seems like we able to do it and  Miss Zu was asked we to do the practice one.After done do the practice one,Miss Zu was start the lesson.Today Miss Zu was teach about how to find the main ideas that was stated in the passage whether not stated in the passage.Miss Zu said if we know the main idea,the we can make a full sentence.Woww,that was so great,it becames more easier.Thank Miss Zu.hehehe.After that , we was played a game that related with the lesson which is we must find the main ideas that shows from video.Miss zu was divides us into four group.For the first game,my group was won and got two marked.And then,for the rest videos,my group wast lose and does not take any marks again.hahaha.Do not worry,we just chill and always smile.Okay,the class end . xoxo :D

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