Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Useless Internet

Monday, 7th January 2013

Peace be upon to you all guys ! hahaha , today we have a great day because Miss Zu asked to bring a laptop to her class today.Miss zu asked we to bring a laptop because she wants to check our blogs.Furthermore , she also asked we to comments the blogs each others.For the beginning , we all was feels very excited, everyone was starts switch on their laptops but suddenly , the internet cannot connected.Arghhh,we feel so angry and very not satisfied.Suddenly,Miss Zu asked we to go to the library because at there,we can surfing the student internet.So,we move to the library together.When we was arrived at the library,the internet still cannot connected.In my heart "what the hell is ging on? ".I was feel very tired.After that i just sitting in the chair and waiting the internet until it can be connected but it still can be surfing until the class end.So,the class end with the sadness feeling :'(


  1. Asyraf , I think you must change your words colour . Its not suitable . Hehehe however nice entry :)

  2. thank you Cik Siti..Actually,i want to change but i does not have a time.Insha Allah,i will change it :D